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Forensic Science Minor

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SUNY Brockport Department of Criminal Justice proposes a minor in Forensic Science. This will entail an interdisciplinary scientific approach to the social, behavioral, and natural sciences and their application to legal contexts. The theoretical and methodological approaches of various scientific disciplines will be incorporated in this program. This will help the student to familiarize with a wide range of “players” involved in the scientific analysis, interpretation, recovery, treatment, and evaluation of physical and biological evidence, and subsequent testimony. With the glamorization of forensics and its utility in solving crimes, the reality of the meticulous, often grueling nature of forensic science are commonly misunderstood. Having experienced interdisciplinarity in coursework and internships, forensic science minors will obtain a unique perspective, one that emphasizes critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills. Evaluation of forensic data for the courtroom context is an ongoing, collaborative process among forensic scientists and others dealing with evidence. Thus, the minor degree program will prepare students to work in medical-legal laboratory and field contexts such as legal, law enforcement and other related possibilities, including medical-legal careers and investigations. The interdisciplinary structure of the proposed Forensic Science minor supports SUNY Brockport’s commitment to students to the latest investigative methods and technologies, and approaches used by a variety of scientists; in turn, the applied nature of forensic science encourages students to consider information in a context beyond the classroom – that of the community, and the greater society.

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Accepted by President Halstead 5/5/08 - Effective Fall 2008