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Senate approval of recommendation by the Academic Policies Committee concerning a "Pass-Fail" option for course completion.

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Rationale for the proposal: 1) To encourage upperclass students to explore courses outside their major areas of specialization without jeopardizing their quality point index. 2). To stimulate increased enrollment in upper division courses.

Proposal: It is moved that: 1). Students having junior or senior standing or above shall be permitted to take for credit one elective course each term for a "Pass" or "Fail" grade. 2). Courses taken for a "Pass" or "Fail" basis must be outside a student's major or minor areas of study. 3). A Maximun of four courses shall be permitted on a "Pass"-"Fail" basis. 4). Students shall indicated at the time of registration the courses they are electing on a "Pass"-"Fail" basis. 5). Grades earned under the "Pass"-"Fail" option shall not be used in computation of the quality point index, but credit earned in such courses shall count toward the total required for graduation. 6). Courses taken on a "Pass"-"Fail" basis shall be counted in regular semester course loads.