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(Revision- April 5, 2010) Creation of a graduate Certificate Program in Gerontological Social Work would recognize a specialized focus on gerontological curriculum for MSW matriculated students completing 15 course credits including 9 credits of Field Practicum /Seminar focusing on advanced competency-based gerontological social work knowledge and practice skills. We are currently teaching one section of this Field Practicum/Seminar in our standard SWK 610/SWK 611 using the Hartford Partnership in Social Work Education model (HPPAE) as part of a grant. This national model is endorsed by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) for MSW students to increase the number of MSW social workers with gerontological social work competencies to meet the workforce demands. CSWE accredits social work programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the US. This proposal includes designating a separate course number (SWK 612 & 613) for students completing gerontological focused advanced field practicum & seminar The new course # would count towards 9 credits of a 15 credit Certificate in Gerontological Social Work. The remaining 6 credits of the certificate would be completed through two graduate level electives identified as having sufficient gerontological content. These courses are identified in the proposal and support letters from graduate programs teaching these electives and support letters from the Dean, Department Chair, Drake Library and others are included. The 60 credit MSW Degree program includes 54 credits of required courses 6 credits of electives. This proposal would allow the matriculated MSW student to complete certificate requirements within the 60 credit degree. Schools of Social Work offering graduate certificates have a tradition of allowing course work completed for the degree to also count toward the certificate. The development of this proposal is a direct result of receiving a grant from the CSWE to develop a gerontological social work certificate within the MSW program as a means of addressing professional workforce issues. This certificate will provide a means to identify the specificity of professional knowledge within social work and within our two accredited concentration fields of practice and will provide a mechanism to sustain the accomplishments achieved through four years of using the HPPAE model in our Interdisciplinary Health and Family and Community accredited concentrations.

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Accepted by President Halstead 6/7/10 - Effective Fall 2010