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This resolution follows up on our 2017 "Resolution to Endorse the Pomona Statement in Support of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program and our Undocumented Students," similarly endorsing and acting on a SUNY UFS resolution to develop support services and best practices for undocumented students at each SUNY campus. Recognizing the presence of undocumented students on our campus and the added difficulties they face in accessing support services available to them, this resolution recommends that the College at Brockport designate a confidential contact person/liasion/advisor on campus to lead efforts ensuring best practices in all matters related to undocumented students, to serve as a liasion with SUNY's Undocumented/DACA advisor as well as with College and SUNY administration, to guide campus-wide education and support efforts regarding undocumented students, to serve as a point person for undocumented students, to lead efforts ensuring that undocumented students have and know of alternative means (other than FAFSA or IRS filings) to apply for scholarships available to them, and to coordinate timely access to advising and other services needed by undocumented students. This resolution further recommends that senior adminsitraiton, all faculty and staff, as well as Campus Police at the College at Brockport consider the special needs and fears of undocumented students in establishing procedures or protocols and communicating with students. Finally, it recommends that the College develop and effectively disseminate information on resources available for undocumented students (including the SUNY FAQs for undocumented students denoted in the UFS resolution, if and when these are developed at SUNY System).

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Signed 05/15/2018 by President Macpherson - Effective 08/20/2018

Proposal number - 74_17-18EC