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This proposal has 2 foci:

The department of nursing would like to drop the prerequisites of developmental assessment and nutrition for students in the RN to BSN program. All students in this program have attained these prerequisities by "credit by exam." Many associate degree programs eliminated these two course and have integrated the content throughout the curriculum. Attaining licensure indicates mastery of the development assessment and nutrition content. Showing mastery of these courses is no longer needed.

The current RN to BSN program began in 2007. At that time, PRO 451 Issues and Leadership and Management and NUR 321 Pharmacology taught in the RN to BSN program were the same courses as those taught in the traditional pre-licensure nursing program. Over the past few years, faculty teaching in the RN to BSN program have identified additional and different needs that Registered Nurses in the RN to BSN program have for this content to further and better build on their knowledge learned in their associates program as well as the clinical experience that they have had as a working Registered Nurse. Thus, faculty would like to replace these two courses with PRO 453 Leadership and Management for the RN and NUR 322 Pharmacotherapeutics for the RN. These courses will build on the curriculum from the student's ADN program but also on their clinical experience working as an RN.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Signed 03/26/2019 by President Macpherson - No effective date

Proposal number - 31_18-19UC