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Recently, we have found that more of our majors who demonstrate good to excellent academic and clinical skills have considerable struggles with their statistics course. In particular, students have difficulty achieving the required "C" grade, and for some students, they must retake the course, sometimes more than once. Successful completion of the statistics course is required before the student can complete their final semester of full-time professional internship.

The Alcohol & Substance Abuse Studies faculty have determined that our majors need a very basic knowledge of statistics to be successful in their field of study. We believe that students can achieve this by passing the course, rather than having to achieve a "C". In addition, we determined that their required inidividual courses in the major also provide foundational contnet knowledge that gives our students sufficient introduction to and understanding of the basic statistical knowledge and applications needed to be successful working in this field at an entry level.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Signed by President Macpherson 5/12/2020.

Effective Fall 2021