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Resolution on Tenure was authored by the Committee on Appointment and Promotions. It includes the Justification for Tenure, Recent SUNY Developments, and Recommendations by the Committee. The recommendations include having each academic department, including the Library, and the appropriate deans submit to the Appointment and Promotions Committee by November 1, 1974 a report outlining the procedures and criteria used to determine whether a faculty member is to be recommended for tenure. These procedures and standards shall be examined by the Appointment and Promotions Committee and returned with comments before March 1, 1975. Each Department and Dean shall then submit its tenure policies to the President on or before April 1, 1975, to determine if such policies conform to the requirements related to tenure as have been established by the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor. Accepted by President Albert W. Brown - Effective 5/16/74

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Comment: Administrative Council - General discussion recommended that the comments of the Appointments and Promotions Committee should be returned to the Deans and Departments on or before January 1, rather than March 1.