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Currently, to declare a business-related major (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, International Business and Economics) students are currently required to earn certain grades and a specific GPA in seven business foundation courses. Although specific requirements vary slightly by degree/major, there is a single criteria (i.e. one " path'') that determines program admission. Proposal is to modify entrance criteria to allow students to declare a major if they attain a required threshold for any one of three criteria. The criteria are 1) foundation course GPA (current method) , 2) overall PA based on a minimum of 60 credit hours, and 3) achieving SUNY "Tier I" status in high school (admit to program directly from high school). This proposal is a key component of the School's Strategic Plan.

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Though passed, on 7/17/2013 - President Halstead rescinded his acceptance, adding this note: This resolution is unacceptable until such time that the Dean of the School of Business Administration & Economics has completed an agreed upon mon(th?) of transition and a secondary review process. Otherwise, this action would have unintended consequences on retention & recruitment efforts.