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Urges that the General Education Task Force document be distributed to the faculty at large, in light of the impact that a new general education curriculum will have on the entire college community. Since the proposal will directly affect every member of the faculty and professional staff, it is only reasonable that every member be informed before any such program is approved. Resolved: Any recommendations dealing with the General Education Curriculum proposal must be approved by the Undergraduate Academic Policies Committee and Faculty Senate; the Faculty Senate requests the Liaison Committee to establish committees to examine each area of the Task Force document and investigate strategies for determining the content and implementation of each component; the Faculty Senate recommends that the Task Force document be distributed to primary unit curriculum committees, Faculty at Large and other appropriate groups for consultative input; and it is understood that the committees have the freedom to recommend amendment at whatever segments of the General Education proposal seem vague, programmatically restrictive or otherwise educationally problematic.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Deferred Admin Council 06/08/78 Recd. and Ackn. 11/16/78