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The Composite Faculty Salary Proposal includes the following points: 1) Teaching faculty will receive a nineteen percent increase across the board; 2) Teaching faculty will receive an additional six percent merit increase to be distributed under existing procedures for merit; 3) A minimum salary schedule will be established as follows: Instructors - $10,000; Assistant Professors - $12,000; Associate Professors - $14,000; Professors - $17,000; 4) Teaching faculty who do not reach the minimum salary through the nineteen percent increase will receive an additional increase equal to the amount needed to reach the minimum; 5) Teaching faculty will receive their normal service increments, when due, in addition to the foregoing; and 6) Non-teaching members of the professional staff will receive a nineteen percent increase across the board plus six percent merit plus a minimum salary of $10,000. Additional compensation will be provided for work beyond ten months.

The Composite Faculty Salary Proposal is designed to bring Brockport salaries closer to the level already existing in the City University of New York, to provide salaries that are nearer to those already existing in other occupations requiring similar training and experience, to improve the ranking of professors on AAUP standards, to reward meritorious service, to give particular attention to those at the lowest end of the salary scale, and to make a major step in correcting existing inequities.

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