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The Bachelor of Science degree is the preferred degree for registered nurses by most health care institutions when compared to the associate degree nurse preparation, as studies show much better patient outcomes when patients are cared for by BSN nurses. The College at Brockport currently has a Hybrid RN to BSN Completion program for associate degree prepared registered nurses to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. The need for a fully on-line cohort has been identified by students, faculty, and administrators. Other private colleges in the area have fully on-line RN to BSN completion programs. This addition to our program will provide associate degree registered nurses with a more affordable online program to complete their BSN. A fully online RN to BSN completion option will provide Registered Nurses with an Associate’s degree another highly sought option with flexible scheduling and accessibility in more remote areas.

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Accepted - Implementation Effective Date**: Fall 2015 **Implementation of resolution requires final approval from SUNY- State Education Department.