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The Department of Nursing at the State University of New York College at Brockport is proposing reorganization of the current content in its baccalaureate nursing program to accomplish several educationally desirable goals: 1. Content will be arranged in a more organized manner, allowing the gradual development of major curricular concepts, providing time for assimilation of learning within a given content area, and avoiding unnecessary duplication of instruction. 2. Content will be arranged to facilitate the use of a broader range of teaching methodologies. The result will be the indisidualization of instruction to accommodate varying learner interests, learning styles or rates, and levels of prior knowledge. 3. The resulting curriculum will be flexible enough to meet the learning needs of both traditional and registered nurse students who wish to study either full or rart-time.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Accepted by President John Van de Wetering - 05/31/82