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BE IT RESOLVED that the items below are to be considered as guidelines for discussion by the Faculty-at-Large, including program curricular committees, the Faculty Senate and the faculty in general meetings. A. Designation of courses and programs ought to be made by each curricular unit on the basis of the dlstinetions established in this document. B. Curricular units sbould engage in dialogues with one another about the appropriate interunit cooperation in developing and modifying programs. C. All faculty should seek to make their students more aware of the value inherent in both liberal and professional studies. D. Both liberal and professional studies requirements should be integrated with general education requirements to aboid unproductive repetition. E. The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee and the Office of Academic Advisement should study the issue of the "unit rule" and report back to the Faculty Senate by the beginning of the Spring-semester, 1983.

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Undergraduate Curriculum and Policies

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Accepted by President John Van de Wetering - 06/21/82