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The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal is a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, online journal that grows out of the Biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues conference. See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.


Race and Intersecting Feminist Futures
Submission Deadline: January 14, 2019

Current Volume: Volume 2 (2017) Lean Out: Gender, Economics, and Enterprise

Women Have Achieved This, I Follow: WHAT IF?

In turning to questions of gender, economics and entrepreneurship, the 2016 Seneca Falls Dialogues asked participants to explore how various forms of labor and compensation affect individual lives, societal movements, and institutions. One of the sub-themes for the conference was “Arts and Activism,” which led to our choice of keynote speaker Brenda Ann Kenneally and inspired Eastman professor of music education, Philip Silvey, to propose a performance of the University of Rochester’s women’s chorus at the Dialogues. . . .(Read more below).


Disrupting the Lean: Performing a 2016 Declaration of Sentiments
Tambria Schroeder, Barbara LeSavoy, Melissa Brown, Brooke E. Love, Maggie Rosen, Brooke A. Ophardt, and Audrey Lai


Add Women and Stir: Female Presidents in Pop Culture, 2012-2016
Angela Laflen, Michelle Smith, Kristin Bayer, Riana Ramirez, Jessica Recce, and Molly Scott


Appearance Discrimination: Lookism and the Cost to the American Woman
Alyssa Dana Dana Adomaitis, Rachel Raskin, and Diana Saiki