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The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal is a multidisciplinary, peer reviewed, online journal that grows out of the Biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues conference. See the Aims and Scope for a complete coverage of the journal.

Current Volume: Volume 3 (2019) Race and Intersecting Feminist Futures

We all Write: Reclaiming a Sacred Space

Several events for the Seneca Falls Dialogues are held in the Wesleyan Chapel, the site of the Women’s Rights Convention of 1848. In 2016 we started to feel the tension between our gratitude for the accomplishments of well-known foremothers such as Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and our eventual acknowledgement of those left out of the Seneca Falls story. . .(Read more below).


Doing the *: Performing the Radical in Antisexist and Antiracist Work
Barbara LeSavoy, Angelica Whitehorne, Jasmine Mohamed, Mackenzie April, and Kendra Pickett


#BlackLivesMatter: Intersectionality, Violence, and Socially Transformative Art
Denise A. Harrison, Denise Bedford, Laura C. Fong, Linda Hoeptner Poling, Evonne Fields-Gould, Yuko Kurahashi, Dianne Kerr, and Alexis A. Blavos


Mapping Injustice Towards Feminist Activism
Wanda B. Knight and Karen T. Keifer-Boyd

Cover, The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal, volume 3