We are thrilled to introduce the inaugural edition of The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal. This multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online journal grows out of the Biennial Seneca Falls Dialogues (SFD), a biennial conference launched in October 2008 to celebrate the 160th anniversary of the first women’s rights convention held in Seneca Falls, New York and the 60th anniversary of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Seneca Falls Dialogues Journal volume I draws from the 2014 SFD conference theme, "Ecofeminism: Cultivating Place and Identity", which was highlighted in the keynote address by BLK ProjeK founder and Eco-Warrior, Tanya Fields.


Bollheimer, Meredith, and Elissa Reitz. "The Disproportionate Impact of Toxins in Consumer Products."

Browdy de Hernandez, Jennifer, and Holly Kent, Colleen Martell. "Confronting Student Resistance to Ecofeminism: Three Perspectives."

Clark-Taylor, Angela, and Jane L. Bryant, Susan Storey, Julianne Lawlor Nigro. "Sisterhood & Feminism: Engaging Gender and Women’s Studies Students in the Community."

Faehmel, Babette, and Tiombe Farley, Vashti Ma'at. "Unusual Subjects: Finding Model Communities Among Marginalized Populations."

Iverson, Susan V. "The Potential of Ecofeminism to Develop ‘Deep’ Stainability Competencies for Education for Sustainable Development"

Schlombs, Corinna, and Ann Howard, Caroline DeLong, Jessica Lieberman. "Changing an Institutional Environment through Appreciative Inquiry: Rochester Institute of Technology’s College of Liberal Arts."

Shafer, Leah. "The 1848 Declarations of Sentiments: Usurpations and Incantations."

Sierra, Wendi, and Alysah Berwald, Melissa Guck, Erica Maeder. "Nature, Technology, and Ruined Women: Ecofeminism and Princess Mononoke."