The Spectrum: A Scholars Day Journal, is a faculty juried, cross-disciplinary, electronic journal. Its goal is the publication of outstanding, student produced scholarship presented at the College at Brockport annual Scholars Day. Scholars Day, which was instituted in 1984, is an annual celebration of scholarly pursuits by the campus community.

Scholars Day enables students to present scholarly and creative work; to practice disciplinary techniques of public presentation; to learn from fellow scholars and artists across the disciplines; to engage with members of the college community in educationally meaningful events; and to support a college culture of intellectual initiative and academic excellence.

Current Volume: Volume 4 (2019)

Volume 4 (2019)

After a several-year hiatus, The Spectrum is again accepting submissions and publishing undergraduate student research. Following past precedent, this volume once again takes a cross-disciplinary focus in the five faculty-juried student articles from Scholars Day, 2019. This issue also includes an Invited Special Exhibit section that features an ambitious collaboration from a team of cross-disciplinary faculty and dozens of students. The editorial team and review board are very proud of the work in this volume and pleased to have The Spectrum active again.


Special Exhibits


Forever Plastics: Saving the Great Lakes (and ourselves) from America’s love affair with plastics
Mitchell Christensen, Jennifer Hecker, James Spiller, and Tammy Bleier

Loch Mess Plastics Monster Head


Executive Editor
Alex Lyon, PhD
Managing Editor
Mary Jo Orzech, MLS, PhD
Assistant Editors
Alden Cayea
Emma Cooke
Editorial Board
Ann Bunch, PhD
Erik French, PhD
Janie Hinds, PhD
Jean Kachiga, PhD
Elaine Miller, PhD
Milo Obourn, PhD
Bek Orr, PhD
Logan Rath, MLS
Tiffany Rawlings, PhD
Cover Art Photo of Loch Mess Monster
Cathy Craft