Following WWII, the G.I. Bill funded education for millions of veterans resulting in surging enrollments in American colleges, including Brockport State Teachers College. Its rapidly growing physical education program particularly attracted veterans who wanted to participate in intercollegiate athletics. One popular sport not played at Brockport at the time was football. The Brockport students demanded a football team, and participated in various fundraisers to start and support a team. In 1947, Brockport’s first 20th century football team took the field under Coach Robert Ellsworth Boozer. The team struggled in the early years, due to restrictions on recruiting, limited resources, and a small coaching staff. The team secured its first winning season in 1957 by beating Alfred University in a blizzard 2-0. Boozer coached until 1959. The legacies of Coach Boozer’s football teams enrich autumn campus life. Fittingly the football field and college mascot are named for him.

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