Body image involves perceptions and attitudes toward one’s own physical appearance (Phillips & deMan, 2010). Although female athletes have been given the most empirical attention, body image is also critical to the male athlete experience. The ideal male body is associated with leanness and muscularity (e.g., Baghurst 2009). Beyond attempting to meet societal expectations, male athletes may also experience pressures to maintain an ideal physique for their sport. For example, wrestlers may need to cut weight (Marttinen et al., 2003) while football players may need to increase size (Chatterton & Petrie, 2013). Although body image may be positive in many instances, some male athletes may experience body dissatisfaction or develop a psychiatric condition called muscle dysmorphia (e.g., Morgan, 2000). The purpose of this presentation is to discuss the importance of body image among male athletes, the potential pressures to alter one’s body in male athletics, and strategies for prevention.



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