This research examines the role projectile design plays in skeletal trauma through skeletal analysis and extensive research. Using four specimens, randomly assigned to four different types of projectiles, a skeletal analysis was conducted to determine if any unique patterns were distinguishable between each type of projectile and if the common characteristics of gun-shot trauma were present. The types of projectiles used were the Winchester 230 GR. full metal jacketed bullet, the hand load 185 GR. Lead semi wad cutter target round, the Winchester 230 GR. Jacketed hollow point, and the Hornady 185 GR. FTX hollow point bullet. The research found that with each level of projectile, the skeletal damage done was amplified. While each bullet created a unique signature, all wounds consistently presented the common characteristics of gun-shot trauma. More research must be conducted in order to determine a statistically significant pattern between each type of bullet design.



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