Volume 5 (2020)

Volume 5 (2020)

The Spectrum is pleased to publish a special issue of invited posters selected from the first completely online Scholars Day event at SUNY Brockport in April 2020. The volume represents a cross-disciplinary focus of student scholarship completed during the 2020 pandemic academic year. Scholars Day included over 215 student presenters, and over 85 posters as well as other examples of scholarly and creative work. The posters in this issue received a Scholars Day Award, or were selected by faculty and editorial staff as having special merit. The editorial team and review board are very proud of the work in this volume and the students who contributed during this challenging year.

Thank you to Jamie Edwards, Project Coordinator, and Scholars Day staff for assistance and support.

Cover Art Photo

An Exploration of Photography
Nicole Kelly



Pollinator Apocalypse
Elizabeth Bean, Ryan Kirkpatrick, Abby Lanterman, Tucker Griffin, and Jacob Kearney


Ignorance is Bliss
Paige Austin

Soft blue and white film negative image


Executive Editors
Alex Lyon
Mitch Christensen
Associate Editor
Julie M. Oyer
Managing Editor
Mary Jo Orzech