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Summer 7-27-2005


Dr. Lynn Hudson Parsons earned his undergraduate degree at Grinnell College and his graduate and post-graduate degrees at Johns Hopkins University. He first taught at University College in Dublin for two years, and then Wayne State University in Michigan. He began teaching at SUNY Brockport in 1971, where he would remain until his retirement in 2004. His academic concentration was American History and John Quincy Adams, about whom he published a biography in 1998. He served as Faculty Senate President twice during his tenure, where he was involved in the search for the next president of the college, and as Director of Student retention under said president, Dr. van der Wettering.

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53 Minutes

Dr. Lynn Hudson Parsons.jpg (6 kB)
Photo of Dr. Parsons

Dr. Lynn Hudson Parsons 2.jpg (7 kB)
Photo of Dr. Parsons from the 1970's

Lynn Parsons interview 1, 2005 (1).mp3 (1903 kB)
Audio of Dr. Parsons Interview, Part 1

Lynn Parsons Interview 2, 2005 (1).mp3 (61189 kB)

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