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Spring 4-12-2020


Wayne Dedman was a professor of history at Brockport from 1945 to 1977. He studied at Illinois State and the University of Chicago, and received his doctorate from the University of Rochester. In this interview he discusses the changes Brockport underwent during that period, his multiple roles in the college administration, his cowriting of "Cherishing This Heritage," and his relationships with fellow staff members. Also discussed is the early culture at the college before its expansion, and the internal and statewide politics which were both causes and effects of the changes to the College at Brockport's structure and curricula.

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115 Minutes

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Wayne Dedman Interview Part 1/4

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Wayne Dedman Interview Part 2/4

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Wayne Dedman Interview Part 3/4

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Wayne Dedman Interview Part 4/4

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Photo of Wayne Dedman

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