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The purpose of the RAP project is to prepare water quality management action plans for watersheds in the three basins (Genesee, Lake Ontario West, and Lake Ontario Central) within Monroe County that empty into the Rochester Embayment. These basinwide plans would be prepared using existing data and literature on each of the three basins. In some instances where baseline and storm event data were not available, such as the Lake Ontario West Basin, it would be necessary to collect the required data. As part of the local contribution to Rochester Embayment Remedial Action Plan, the Monroe County Health contracted with SUNY Brockport in 1988 to collect such data. The general objectives of the 1988 study of Buttonwood, Larkin, Northrup and Round Pond Creeks were:

  1. To compare the water quality of stream water from various watersheds; obtain time trend data on chemical and physical characteristics of runoff water of these creeks;
  2. To obtain time trend data on chemical and physical characteristics of runoff water of these creeks;
  3. To estimate nutrient mass loadings of streams; and
  4. To establish and maintain a statistically defensible data set that would permit determination of baseline conditions for evaluations of trends. This work has been completed and is reported in “Chemical Analysis of Water from Buttonwood, Larkin, Northrup, and Round Pond Creeks, Lake Ontario Basin West, May 1987-May 1988” (Makarewicz 1989).

The 1989-90 study reported here has a similar set of objectives as the 1988 study but with a focus on Salmon Creek and Otis Creek. In addition, the 1989-90 study was broadened to include the following:

  1. Determination of nutrient loads of the Barge Canal to Salmon Creek;
  2. A stress stream analysis of Northrup and Buttonwood Creek; Our 1988 study had suggested that there were anthropogenic sources of phosphorus and nitrogen within the watersheds of Northrup and Buttonwood Creeks.
  3. Determination of nutrient loads of the Spencerport Sewage Treatment Plant to Northrup Creek;
  4. Determination of the nutrient loads to Long Pond from Black Creek as compared to Northrup Creek;
  5. Determination of the trophic status of Long Pond; and
  6. Determination of nutrient and heavy metal loads from precipitation occurring in western Monroe County.


We acknowledge the following people who contributed time, data and counsel on this report: Rob Hamdy, Mike Letson, Diane Oleson, Katrina Brooks, Rebecca Rockhill and Angelo Sorrentino of SUNY Brockport. Mark Elliot of the Spencerport Sewage Treatment Plant kindly provided discharge data for the plant. Lisa Kilroy received partial funding from the Great Lakes Research Consortium for her field work on Black Creek and Long Pond.