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As the local contribution to the Rochester Embayment Remedial Action Plan, the Monroe County Health Department contracted with SUNY Brockport to extend the ongoing sampling program in order to obtain one full year of data. The general objectives of this study of Buttonwood, Larkin, Northrup and Round Pond Creeks were: 1. To compare the water quality of stream water from watersheds having different land-use patterns; 2. To compare the water quality of stream water above and below the Spencerport Sewage Treatment Plant; 3. To obtain time trend data on chemical and physical characteristics of runoff water of these creeks; 4. To estimate nutrient mass loadings of these streams; and 5. To establish and maintain a statistically defensible data set that would permit determination of baseline conditions for evaluations of trends.


Prepared for the Monroe County Department of Health

111 Westfall Road Rochester, N.Y.

Over the period of a year, a number of students have assisted in various phases of this study. A special thanks to Lisa Kilroy, Mary Shea, Mike Letson, Norma Puckett, Anna Brooks, Scott Siebold and Jeff Finnerty for their help. Ted Lewis (Research Scientist, SUNY Brockport) directed the routine laboratory work and played his usual instrumental role in the data organization and workup. Dr. John Hubbard (SUNY Brockport) took time to assist in the selection of sampling and gaging sites. Dr. Joe Buttner (SUNY Brockport) kindly provided a technical assistant for some of the storm event analyses. Drs. Greg Byrd and Bob Weinbeck provided precipitation data. Don Jones and Lisa Spittal of the Monroe County Health Department were always available for consultation. In addition, Dick Burton, Margy Peet and Lisa Spittal kindly reviewed the manuscript. Mr. Bill Taff volunteered his time in locating historical data from various sources. His concern for the environment is an inspiration for students as well as myself. I thank them all for their time and effort.