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Technical Report

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An intensive study of Conesus Lake and its tributaries was undertaken between April 1985 and December 1986 with the following general objectives: (1) To evaluate the water quality of Conesus Lake, the source of drinking water for the Town of Livonia and the Villages of Geneseo and Avon; (2) To identify, if possible, water of lower turbidity within the lake; (3) To identify, if possible, causes of higher turbidity in raw water intakes of the Livonia and Geneseo water treatment plants; (4) To evaluate what effect, if any, the construction of a perimeter sewer has had on nutrient levels within the lake; i.e. eutrophication; (5) To identify any sources of pollution within the watershed; and (6) To provide a functional assessment of the ecological components studied and to evaluate their significance in relation to the drinking water supply.

This is the final report. A Summary of Results and Recommendations and Alternatives follow directly. Detailed discussion of results may be found in the Results and Discussion section. Quarterly data reports were presented to the Health Departments (State and County) and to the municipalities (Livonia, Avon, Geneseo) on three previous occasions.


Prepared for the Villages of Avon and Geneseo and the Town of Livonia