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The Slater Creek Stormwater Assessment and Action Plan (SWAAP) summarizes the results of a detailed assessment of Slater Creek and presents recommendations for its protection, restoration and removal from the New York State Impaired Waterbodies List. This project was conducted with support from the Stormwater Coalition of Monroe County and the Monroe County Department of Environmental Services. This SWAAP will become a portion of a comprehensive, county-wide Stormwater Master Plan that assesses priority waterbodies in Monroe County in order to meet water quality and regulatory goals.


Slater Creek Stormwater Assessment and Action Plan is a pilot plan of the Monroe County Stormwater Master Plan

Special acknowledgement needs to be given to the Center for Watershed Protection. Staff conducting this Report relied heavily on the concepts and strategies provided by the Center in its Urban Subwatershed Restoration Manual Series (CWP, 2004) and other reports and studies conducted by the Center. Also, this work would not have been possible without the support and cooperation of the Town of Greece, NY who provided important local knowledge and collaboration throughout the assessment process.