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Technical Report

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This Green Infrastructure Rapid Assessment Plan: Genesee River (Plan) provides Monroe County with a prioritized list of stormwater retrofit projects for the study area, which, if implemented, are expected to improve water quality and reduce stormwater runoff volumes through time. The assessment methodology used to develop this Plan is a simplified approach of the methodology used to develop stormwater assessment and action plans (SWAPPs) for other watersheds in Monroe County. Unlike the rapid assessment approach, the SWAPP approach typically includes the development of a watershed model to evaluate baseline watershed conditions and to estimate the potential effects of proposed stormwater retrofit projects on water quality and hydrology. However, instead of watershed modeling, this rapid assessment employed a planning-level geographic information system (GIS) desktop analysis and ranking methodology that factored in estimates for project benefits, feasibility, and cost effectiveness. The results of this rapid assessment provide the groundwork for additional detailed investigations of stormwater management strategies such as those described in SWAPPs completed for other watersheds in Monroe County (e.g., Shipbuilders and Buckland Creeks).


Posted with permission from the Monroe County Environmental Services department.