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Technical Report

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The rivulets that drain small subwatersheds of Canandaigua Lake contributed significant amounts of total Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrate, soil and phosphorus to Canandaigua Lake. The large amount of material being lost from these small subwatersheds was surprising when compared to larger nearby watersheds despite the fact that only two events were sampled. This pilot study shows the potential importance that small intermittent streams may have on the health of Canandaigua Lake. We recommend that the watersheds studied be further interrogated as to potential land-use practices that could be the cause for the high losses observed. A further, more intensive study, looking at a larger number of rivulets for an annual cycle is warranted. A study of this nature will more accurately determine the full impact these numerous subwatersheds are having on the “ecologic health” of Canandaigua Lake.


Prepared for the Canandaigua Lake Watershed Task Force