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Cayuga and Seneca Lakes represent a major water resource of central New York State of considerable economic, recreational and aesthetic value. Maintenance of water quality, prevention of further deterioration of water quality and restoration of a lake’s health are major concerns of the public. Monitoring the water quality of Cayuga Lake has continued periodically from the early 1900's to the present. This report reviews data collected by the Seneca County Soil and Water Conservation District during the 1991- 1998 period from the north end of Cayuga Lake. The water quality data presented are the result of a new strategy to continually monitor Cayuga Lake. Monitoring, as performed, provides the important function of documenting gradual improvements that may result from restoration efforts and remedial action plans. Similarly, monitoring provides evidence of deterioration of water quality and thus the opportunity for a management response and notification of the public of such changes. By considering nutrient and chlorophyll a concentrations and water clarity measurements, we review the current data from Cayuga Lake using the previous historical measurements of the lake.


Prepared for Seneca County Soil and Water Cons