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In response to public concern created by an abundance of nuisance weeds (i.e. macrophytes) within the three embayments of Wayne County (Sodus, East and Port Bays) , the Aquatic Vegetation Control Program was created in 1987 to develop long-term management strategies for the Bays. The program is administered jointly by the Wayne County Planning Board and the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District. The Soil and Water Conservation District recognized early that management of the Bay ecosystem would require the development of a data base presently not available. Toward this end, the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District contracted with SUNY Brockport to collect and analyze limnological data from Sodus Bay and its tributaries. A preliminary study was completed in 1989 titled "Umnological Studies of Sodus Bay and its Tributaries". The second year of the study was expanded to include the following objectives: 1. To characterize the environmental status and water quality of Sodus Bay during summer conditions; 2. To monitor seasonally the six streams entering Sodus Bay for selected chemical parameters for an annual cycle; 3. To document the occurrence of low dissolved oxygen concentration in First Creek; and 4. To develop seasonal and annual n utrient loads for phosphorus , total organic nitrogen, total suspended solids and sodium for each stream.


Prepared for the Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation District

8340 Ridge Road Sodus, N.Y.