Melinda Bauer

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Education (MSEd)

First Advisor

Robert Ribble

Second Advisor

Patricia E. Baker

Third Advisor



In 1983, in cooperation with the Henrietta Youth Bureau, Michael P. Zuber conducted a Needs Assessment of the youth in the Town of Henrietta. The Youth Bureau is a department of the Town of Henrietta and is advised by a citizen group of volunteers. In 1989, the Youth Bureau contacted Dr. Robert Ribble to see if there was another student interested in working with them again, to reassess the needs of the youth in Henrietta. Dr. Ribble presented this opportunity to me, which I gladly accepted. This project was of particular interest to me as I could combine my social work background and my Masters in Education work to form my thesis.

The Henrietta Youth Bureau takes an active role in trying to define the needs of the people they serve. They expressed their concerns to me of wanting to conduct a reassessment of their original survey done in 1983, to determine the changes in

the students' and parents' needs, so they can reassess the services they provide to the youth and families.

Michael Yudelson, Director of the Henrietta Youth Bureau/Recreation Department and Irene Uhl, District Reaserch Associate, guided, directed and supported me in the administering and assessment of this project.

In my original proposal, I not only intended to reassess the Henrietta Youth needs, but also try to relate the conclusions of the survey to attempt to project the needs of the elementary students prior to entering Junior High School.