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Traveltime of a soluble substance was determined for a 120-mile reach of the Delaware River from the confluence of the East Branch Delaware River and the West Branch Delaware River at Hancock, N.Y. to the Delaware Water Gap. Dye studies were conducted at the 85-95 percent and the 25-30 percent flow durations. Discharges ranged from 500-1,740 cubic feet per second during the 85-95 percent flow duration and 3,070-7,500 cubic feet per second for the 25-30 percent flow duration. The data were used to develop a set of time-concentration curves that would enable estimation of the traveltime of a spill at any point in the river within the study reach for 10 flow durations. The leading edge of a contaminant spill at Buckingham Access would take about 70 hours to reach the Delaware Water Gap when flows are at the 30-percent flow duration. The trailing edge (location of the dye cloud when concentrations would decrease to 10 percent of the peak concentration) would take about 50 hours after the arrival of the leading edge.


USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report: 93-4203