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The Regional Aquifer-System Analysis Program of the U.S. Geological Survey was initiated in 1978 as a result of specifications of the appropriations bill of the 95th Congress, prompted by the 1977 drought. The purpose of this program is to define the regional hydrology and geology and to establish a framework of background information of geology, hydrology, and geochemistry of the Nation 's important aquifer systems. This information is critically needed to develop an understanding of groundwater flow systems, and to support better groundwater resources management. As of 1984, investigations of seven regional aquifer systems were completed, nine regional aquifer systems were still being studied, and three new studies were started. This report summarizes the status of each investigation of the regional aquifer systems under the program from 1978 through 1984. The nature of the summaries differs somewhat from study to study. For those studies which either have been completed or are near completion, summaries of results are presented. For projects that are not near completion or have just been started, discussions may be brief and focus on problem issues or hydrogeologic conditions. All reports resulting from the study as of 1984 are listed at the end of each summary. A list of project chiefs and their offices is also included in the report for those who are interested in obtaining additional information. (See also W87-07313 thru W87-07335) (Author 's abstract)


USGS Circular: 1002