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This government document is the proceedings of a national conference held in Kansas City, Missouri from May 19-22, 1985. The goals of the conference were fourfold: (1) focus on drawing information from everybody involved with the problem; (2) find out how people throughout the country, at the local level, perceive the nonpoint source problem and how they believe it should be handled; (3) make the information flow from the grass roots upward-the Federal role was to listen and learn and exchange information, not to dominate; and (4) make it practical.

Four basic themes evolved as the conference developed: (1) Find practical, affordable solutions not imposed by Federal authority but worked out at the local level. (2) Put to work existing knowledge. (3) Address nonpoint source pollution at the local level. (4) Cooperation is the key.

The resulting papers are diverse in length, format, and tone and offer different perspectives on the problem of nonpoint source pollution of our Nation's water.




Policy Perspective - A Look to the Grass Roots

Perspectives on Nonpoint Source Pollution

Monitoring and Assessment Techniques

Legal Aspects of Nonpoint Source Pollution

State Nonpoint Source Programs

Institutional/Financial Aspects of Nonpoint Source Controls

EPA 440/5-85-001 Pt. 1 of 5

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Office of Water Regulations and Standards

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