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An in-depth comparison of phytoplankton and zooplankton from Lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan is presented based on extensive lake-wide surveys during spring, summer and autumn of 1983. This comparison was achieved by the application of standard and consistent identification, enumeration and data-processing techniques of plankton along north-south transects in Lakes Huron and Michigan and east-west transects in Lake Erie.

For lakes Erie, Huron and Michigan respectively, 436, 411 and 452 algal taxa and 71, 61 and 73 zooplankton taxa were identified. Based on indicator species and species associations, the plankton assemblage was consistent with a mesotrophic-eutrophic designation for Lake Erie, oligotrophic destination for Lake Huron, and mesotrophic-oligotrophic designation for Lake Michigan.

Species lists for each are provided. Original source data for each station visit are provided in the attached microfiche.


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State University of New York at Brockport
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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
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GLNPO Report No. 87-06

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Great lakes National Program Office-USEPA, Region V