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Daily nutrients analyses and weekly major ions and trace metals analyses have been performed since 1977 on water samples collected in the south channel of the St. Lawrence River at Wolfe Island. This report presents the results of the first seven years of this program.

Data analyses showed that pH and total phosphorus were underestimated. Calcium carbonate precipitation is suspected to occur almost every year in August or September. Most of the major ions have decreased, especially chloride and sodium. All trace metal data were below the objectives of the International Joint Commission in 90% of the cases or more.

The Wolfe Island station was found to be a good tool for following the general trend of the main water quality parameters. More attention, however, should be focused on the problems of shipping delays and containers.


Island Waters/Lands Directorate, Ontario Region, Water Quality Branch

Technical Bulletin (No. 142)

Published by authority of the Minister of the Environment