The College at Brockport is proud to have served as the home of the Writers Forum for almost fifty years now. The program started in 1967 with the arrival at Brockport of Greg Fitz Gerald. He was recruited from Ithaca College by English Department chair Phil Gerber to design a creative writing program here. According to Gerber’s reminiscences, as the two met to brainstorm, Fitz Gerald would always ask, “What’s a writing program without writers?” This query from Fitz Gerald (pictured on this page,) led into the development of a program to bring writers to Brockport, which had its formal launch in 1968.

The program has been tremendously successful over the years at bringing both known and up and coming writers to Brockport. Some of the writers of those early years included Stephen Spender, Margaret Atwood, Robert Bly, Anne Sexton, James Dickey and John Berryman.


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