Karen Alkalay-Gut was born in London, England, and grew up in Rochester, New York. She completed her PhD in 1975 at the University of Rochester. Since 1972 she has been living in Israel, raising a family, writing, and teaching poetry at Tel Aviv University.

Alkalay-Gut chairs the Israel Association of Writers in English, is Vice Chair of the Federation of Writers Unions in Israel, and publishes the Online Tel Aviv Journal, detailing daily life in Israel today. She is also a coordinating editor of the Jerusalem Review and a trustee for the Aesop Review.

Her books include The Love of Clothes and Nakedness (Sivan, 1999), In My Skin (Sivan, 2000), Ignorant Armies (Cross-Cultural Communications, 1994), and Mechitza (Cross-Cultural Communications, 1986). Four books of her poems have appeared in Hebrew translation.

Alkalay-Gut has also translated poems from Hebrew, Yiddish, German, and Arabic.

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